I Superbiker IV - “What’s great about the film is it’s not about the racing specifically, it’s about the people behind it. It’s a human story." - Local superbike champion Alex Lowes premieres film in lincoln


I Superbiker III

  - By Ian Marsden

Formula One commentating legend Murray Walker OBE returns to his first love, motorcycles, to narrate I, Superbiker: The Day Of Reckoning.

This is the third film in the I, Superbiker series, each of which chronicles a season in the British Superbike (BSB) championship. In this case it’s the 2012 campaign.
However, this is much more than your normal season review, and is in fact more akin to the critically acclaimed MotoGP film, Faster.

The racing action, as always in BSB, is close, spectacular and often jaw dropping. Watch I, Superbiker and you’ll be in no doubt why this is widely acclaimed as the most competitive domestic championship in the world.

Directed by Mark Sloper, the action focuses on the end of season showdown between the top six riders from the regular season: defending champion Tommy Hill, Shakey Byrne, Josh Brookes, Alex Lowes, Michael Laverty and Tommy Bridewell.

In addition to the on-track action the film goes behind the scenes with the riders - and it is this which sets it apart from a normal season review. We learn that Tommy Bridewell has a day job as a mechanic and how it is the memory of his brother Ollie, who was tragically killed in practice for the 2007 round of BSB at Mallory Park, that motivates him.

We also find out how Alex Lowes is driven on by the sibling rivalry between him and his twin brother Sam who competes in the Supersport World Championship.
Add into this the views of fans, wives, girlfriends and team managers and you begin to build a picture of the full BSB experience.
Needless to say, this is essential viewing for motorcycle race fans, but if that’s not you it’s still well worth giving it a try - you might just be surprised.


- I Superbiker wins over riders - By JIM MUNRO

TOMMY HILL, Alex Lowes and Danny Buchan were just three of the star-studded audience praising I Superbiker 3 at its London premiere.

Narrated by Murray Walker, Mark Sloper's film is very much out of the drama documentary mould, telling the story of the 2012 MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship through a combination of action footage and behind the scenes interviews.

BSB series director Stuart Higgs said: "It's fantastic. Every year MCE British Superbikes gets better and better and I really wanted to tell the story of the championship in a different way."

ALEX LOWES, Tommy Hill and Danny Buchan were just three of the star-studded audience praising Mark Sloper's film

James Witham, a former BSB champion himself "It was really good. Things like Tommy Bridewell rattling on about working on his bikes in the workshop.

"I know the boys well anyway so it was more the home stuff I was getting into because that's the stuff I don't know."

Hill, the 2011 champion who lost out to SunSport columnist Shakey Byrne in a thrilling competition, said: "I just didn't like the ending. In the last film it was fantastic!"


- Bike Sport News - By David Miller

 Whitham, Lowes and Lowes at the London premiere

Whitham, Lowes and Lowes at the London premiere

Sequels to any film are usually poor. Save for the Godfather Part II and Star Wars Episode Five: The Empire Strikes Back, they are usually re-hashes of the same old same old. Three-quels are the same but worse (Rocky III, Jaws 3D, anyone?).

I, Superbiker III: Day of Reckoning is the third instalment in Mark Sloper's telling of the MCE British Superbike Championship and hasn't fallen into that same trilogy trap which even stymied the likes of Lucas.

From the outside looking in, 'watching men in Power Ranger suits', as a friend of mine continuously puts it, going round in circles all day could be construed as slightly monotonous but Sloper again manages to capture the emotion of the sport, and the emotion of the combatants, without giving the film too much of a season review feel.

Reigning champion Tommy Hill looked resigned to losing his crown halfway through the film even though, on the outside, he was upbeat and still raring to go. Eventual runner-up Josh Brookes - who hates losing more than anyone I know - was circumspect. Could he have done any more but win races and finish every single event he started? No crashes this year for the Bringelly Bullet, as he hates to be called.

Although some of the more troubled times are kept guarded by the series' powers that be, Sloper is more than able to generate much more than an overview of what goes on, bringing in friends and family as well as the odd celeb.

The film's most poignant edit came with the Bridewell family, who support their son Tommy in his quest even though their elder son Ollie was killed doing the very same thing not many years ago. The passion this family still have for the sport, and Tommy's will to succeed is captured beautifully, tears and all.


  - Birmingham Mail - Graham Young

Men dressed up to the nines as if they are ready to blast off into space, not race on two wheels.

Tanned, blonde women in white T-shirts stand on the sidelines - some holding parasols while putting on a brave face.

There's also the roar of engines, the speed of the wheels and the spray of champagne.

Yes, its Day of Reckoning, the third movie in the I, Superbiker series which is screening tonight from 7pm at Birmingham's Cineworld Broad Street cinema.

A high octane review of the 2012 Superbike Season, the film includes old footage of some of the bikers practising stunts in their back gardens as youngsters.

Thirty two contestants set off to do battle over 12 rounds - but there can only be one winner.

Thanks to the competition's new format, just six racers were left competing for the title on the final weekend of the season.

Originally from Hall Green, veteran F1 commentator Murray Walker says: "The series is so exciting because it's the leading championship of its kind in the world."

Tommy Hill, the current MCE British Superbike Champion only won the 2011 title by one sixtieth of a second.

Now, with a pregnant fiancée in the wings, he defends his title against competition from ex-Moto GP star Shane 'Shakey' Byrne, Australian Josh Brookes and rising British star Alex Lowes amongst others.

I'm no petrolhead, but, by the end of the film I could more than smell the mixture of fumes and burning rubber. I could taste it, too.

Writer, producer and director Mark Sloper says: "I wanted to capture the emotion and passion of motorcycle racing and the drama of the new showdown format.

"This is a classic motorcycle racing film, set in the 2012 season but a timeless story that will stay fresh for years to come.

"I also wanted it to appeal to people outside the motorcycle industry and the fan-base and I truly believe it will change outsiders' perceptions of motorcycling."

The action is captured in high quality 2K digital photography and I would have preferred more racing instead of so many talking heads.

But how those women put up with standing on the side while their men cheat death on every bend is beyond me.

No wonder the winner is happy to burn so much rubber when it's all over.

Riding back to base while standing up on the seats with their hands in their air must seem like a walk in the park!


Bath Chronicle (Marks old stomping & FS1E ground) 


This is Kent Review (Shakey Byrne & Tommy Hill's locale)

Tommy Hill and Shane Byrne give their view on British Superbike film By Andy Kelly

The premiere of I, Superbiker: The Day of Reckoning has hit London’s West End.

The third annual instalment of the movie series which tracks the battle for the championship of the MCE Insurance British Superbike series, the film focuses in on the six “Title Fighters” from the 2012 season.

Eurosport BSB Presenter Jamie Whitham by Andy Kelly

The structure of the championship is such that after nine rounds of the main season, the top six riders go through to battle for the title and this movie is all about those six.

Of the six, two are Kent’s very own local hero’s.

Sheppey’s Shane “Shakey” Byrne, now three times BSB champion, Shakey has also competed in both MotoGP and World Superbike before making a return to the championship where his racing career first made the big time, leading to another in 2012.

Edenbridge’s Tommy Hill, the defending champion from 2011 who’s triumphant Brands Hatch victory that took the title from his American John Hopkins will probably remain one of the defining moments of motorbike racing for many years to come.

These two plus hard driven Australian Josh Brookes, the pugnacious Irishman Michael Laverty and young rising stars Alex Lowes and Tommy Bridewell show us just what it takes to make a top superbike.

The film features extensive looks at their lives both on and off the track, where they came from and tries to get into the psyche of these heroes of speed.

This inside look will appeal to the multitude of fans who now following the UK’s top motorbike racing series which is riding high on record attendance and viewing figures from not just Brits but all around the world.

Narration of this movie is by broadcast and motor racing legend Murray Walker who adds power and gravitas to the production. Walker, the much loved voice of F1 in the UK, is a big fan of BSB and often seen at the circuits throughout the year therefore making him the perfect choice for this role in the film.

Writer, producer and director Mark Sloper said: "I wanted to capture the emotion and passion of motorcycle racing and the drama of the new showdown format. This is a classic motorcycle racing film, set in the 2012 season but a timeless story that will stay fresh for years to come. I also wanted it to appeal to people outside the motorcycle industry and the fan-base and I truly believe it will change outsiders' perceptions of motorcycling."

Tommy Hill, who took time out from his newly born son Harrison to attend the London premiere commented: "Only one man can be the winner. British Superbikes is motorcycle racing at its very best and the film captures that brilliantly.

"It's amazing to see BSB on the cinema screen.”

“I just didn’t like the ending”, joked Hill, “from the last film the ending was fantastic”.

"It's a massive sport with a great following – now hopefully people who don't know it that well can see what an incredible event it is."

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