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This is the page dedicated to our first 'I, Superbiker' movie from the 2010 season.

The premiere was held at the Empire Leicester Square to a full house.

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Here are some press reviews of the first 'I Superbiker' in 2011

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David Essex & the Silver Dream Machine re-united - Daily Mirror

The world premiere of I, Superbiker took place at the Empire, Leicester Square ahead of its nationwide cinema release next Monday (14 March 2011).

The original Silver Dream Racer David Essex, who is joining the cast of Eastenders, made a special appearance on the night to be reunited with his bike made famous in the 1980 hit movie.

The Silver Dream Racer movie was the inspiration for the new I, Superbiker film, which is based on a season of the MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship. The original bike from the film was restored and shipped to London from Germany especially for the Premiere.

Essex joined stars of the film Tommy Hill, Josh Brookes, Gary Mason and James Ellison for the exclusive screening with reigning triple BSB champion Ryuichi Kiyonari also receiving a rapturous reception at the end of the evening.

Mirror David Essex, I Superbike.jpg

The film score is by David Vanian of The Damned, with music by Phil Collen of Def Leppard and Man Raze who were also in attendance last night to be part of the build up to the film's general release in 2011.

By Laura Stevens

Superbike flick one Hill of a ride

TOMMY HILL was close to tears as he watched himself blow last year's BSB title

ON the giant screen in front of us Tommy Hill is a broken man.

He sheds tears of anguish as his dream of winning the British Superbike Championship end in tatters and twisted metal in a gut-wrenching season finale.

Tommy turned up at Oulton Park with an 11-point title lead after 11 rounds and 23 gruelling races.

But six long months of hard work on and off the race circuit is destroyed by a split-second decision to go for an overtake that ends in a championship-ending crash.

Watching his nightmare unfold all over again in cinema high-definition is almost too much bear for the young racer as he tries to blink back the tears.

Tommy, 25, of Lingfield, Surrey, has sat through the Press screening of "I, Superbiker" - a no-holds barred documentary account of four men's ambition to win the British Superbike Championship, the world's most prestigious domestic motorcycle series.

"That was hard to watch," says Tommy. "I felt like crying quite a few times during the film. It shows exactly what racers go through. The highs are incredible but the lows are really awful."

Tommy was the great British hope of the 2010 season. He was among the favourites for the crown aboard his Worx Crescent Suzuki until his Oulton Park disaster. He topped the championship numerous times as he battled the might of the HM Plant Honda team of Aussie Josh Brookes and double BSB champion and eventual 2010 winner Ryuichi Kiyonari.

"British Superbikes is motorcycle racing at its very best," said Tommy. "And this film shows that brilliantly. It's amazing to see BSB on the cinema screen. It's a massive sport with a great following - now hopefully people who don't know it that well can see what an incredible event it is."

The three other riders featured in "I, Superbiker" are Brookes, Cumbrian flier James Ellison (Swan Honda) and Staffordshire-based Gary Mason (MSS Colchester Kawasaki).

Gary's story is that shared by most of the paddock in BSB. A man with racing in his blood and fierce determination to succeed - but cursed by technical gremlins, injury and miserable luck.

Gary, 31, said: "Racing for me is all about passion, not money. My dad raced the Isle of Man TT and his dad was speedway world champion. I've been riding since I was six years old and it's still all I want to do."

But 2010 was a wretched season for Gary and his Kawasaki team. He finished 12th after a year when his bike was plagued with faults and points were hard won and hard to come by.

He said: "Racing is 90 per cent disappointment and 10 per cent off-the-scale joy. But 2010 was my hardest season ever. When things go well you feel you could pick up the world in your hands, and even when things are bad it's still an addiction!"

Gary gives a wry smile after seeing the film. His poor race season means he hardly features on the action scenes - but we get a revealing insight into the off-circuit dedication it takes to make the starting grid in the first place. And it shows the sacrifices that have to be made by family and love ones.

He said: "As a racer I was non-existent last year. I was watching the film thinking 'there's me in the background again!'" But seeing what your family goes through as you race was very emotional. A racer has to be totally selfish with a mindset focused only on race weekends."

I,Superbiker is definitely a cut above the run of the mill annual end of season reviews. And for any BSB fan it's a rare treat to see the sport we love on a big screen.

Gary, Tommy and Josh will all be back in BSB action this year. James Ellison will be competing in World Supersport.

I,Superbiker will be released on March 10th at cinemas nationwide.


February 8, 2011 - Chris Northover - www.superbike.co.uk

I, Superbiker? No, you Superbiker; Me, Journalist.

Can a BSB film with a title that ridiculous really be any good?  

I have to put my hands up and admit I had all but written off the new I, Superbiker film. The concept sounded great – a film about British Superbikes, what's not to like? The title had me worried to begin with, then, having watched the trailer I was pretty sure the film was destined to be a cringe-worthy string of rider interviews and repeated footage of Josh Brookes jumping the mountain at Cadwell Park.

But I have to admit I was wrong. Bugger. Just watched the film and it is a damn sight better than the title or PR waffle would suggest. Starring Josh Brookes, Tommy Hill, James Ellison and Gary Mason, it's a refreshingly different approach to a season review. The involvement of riders' girlfriends, parents and teams gives a nice bit of background throughout the races. You get to see highlights of every race, backed up with some good shots around the pits and in the garages. Even the theme tune sounds good, written by a band made up from leftovers of Def Leppard, Sex Pistols and Girl.

The film was apparently inspired by the 1980 film Silver Dream Racer. At this point Yoof such as myself will have to consult the digitized visual education portal that is YouTube for a brief history lesson. A quick search finds some hilarious footage from the film of an ancient two-stroke racer seemingly lapping Brands Hatch faster than any of the BSB guys did in the new film. Ah, artistic license, say what you want and get away with it, brilliant!               

I, Superbiker is worth going to see once it's out, if for nothing else other than the rare chance to watch BSB racing in a cinema with a big cup of pop and a kilogram of pick 'n mix sweetie goodness. Be warned though, as movies go it might not be a great suggestion for a romantic date, unless your partner has a thing for James Ellison…

By David Miller

Behind-the-scenes films or documentaries are usually a lot like gadgets that have plug 'n' play written on the box in which they arrive and they generally aren't. There have been many and varied 'warts and all' productions looking at the lives of sportsmen, actors and Z-list celebrities who believe that anyone cares which are either a) awful or b) spun to such a degree they're laughable.

I, Superbiker isn't one of those. The film - which will be shown in actual cinemas and won't end up in a forecourt bargain bin next to Jean Claude Van Damme's latest masterpiece - does get under the skin of the four riders on which it focuses.

Tommy Hill, Gary Mason, James Ellison and Josh Brookes are well known if you follow BSB. They aren't if you don't. And this brings me to another point: if you are a keen race fan, I, Superbiker isn't for you. It is a film forpeople who don't know one end of motorcycle from the other, have never been to a race and probably only just about know who Barry Sheene is.

The film really shows the ups and downs, frustrations, failures, elations and successes of the four men involved. But what is more is I, Superbiker shows what it does to the people closest to the men doing the riding. Both Gary Mason and James Ellison's respective better halves wear their hearts on their sleeves for the whole two-hour plus experience - vocalising some, if not all, of what goes through the heads of their men.

Hill is the star of the show. Not because he is more entertaining than the rest but because he is absolutely honest about how he feels. Through tears or applause at the track, the Lingfield rider hides nothing but always retains a sense of humour. His mum, dad (who has just recovered from cancer) and girlfriend Katie all play their part in showing the full gamut of emotion experienced over a race weekend.

In all, I, Superbiker is far more than a season review. It is a production for those who aren't in the paddock, haven't seen a racebike turn an angry wheel or know what Josh Brookes has for breakfast (which is lard, by the way). Viewed with that in mind, I, Superbiker has more than done the job it set out to do.

Plus the music is by The Damned's David Vanian and features Def Leppard's lead guitarist Phil Collen. If you're under 30, you won't know who either of those people are.   

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BSB - Hill to take BSB title fight to Brookes

Jonathan Symcox / Eurosport

Tommy Hill has stoked the fires of last season's title fight ahead of the 2011 British Superbike season, saying he will battle Josh Brookes all the way.

Hill went into the final weekend of the season looking good for the title, but finished up in third spot behind winner Ryuichi Kiyonari and Australian Brookes.

In footage featured in the film review of the season - 'I, Superbiker', to be given a cinema release on March 14 - Brookes says he cannot be friends with the other racers because he is simply there to win.

Hill does not agree with those sentiments - but said that his competitive edge is no less sharp for it.

"It's always a competition, whichever racer it is, wherever we are and whatever we're doing," he told Eurosport.

"We want to beat each other all the time - and when we're out there on that track and the light goes green, we're out there to win.

"But we usually all try and get on because we're in this industry together and it's like a family.

"However, if that's the way Josh wants to play it, it's not a problem to me - I'll be fighting for the title."

The title tilt in 2010 came on a Suzuki, with Hill switching to Swan Yamaha for the new season which gets underway in April.

He knows that he must adapt his riding style to fit the bike - but if he has a good season, he is hopeful of a move up into World Superbikes.

"I try to carry a lot of corner speed so hopefully that will work on the Swan Yamaha," he added. "It needs to be rode a little bit differently to the Suzuki or the Honda. I need to adapt my style and get used to it and make sure me and the bike work as a package.

"Things at the team are looking good so far - I've been to Italy, where they've been building the bike, and there is now an official factory relationship.

"That means I could maybe sit down and talk to Yamaha and persuade them to let me move up - a bridge to hopefully go to World Superbikes."

Having watched the premiere of 'I, Superbiker' at the Electric Cinema on Portobello Road in London, Hill has little doubt that the appeal of the sport can be transferred to the general public via the silver screen.

"The film was fantastic - very emotional and dramatic," he said. "And upsetting, for me, when it all went wrong at the last round.

"But the film shows people what the sport is about: the ups and downs that we go through, the crashes.

"The biggest ever sporting event in the UK was Superbikes at Brands Hatch in 1999.

"It's a massive sport - and hopefully this will help get people not associated with it into Superbike racing."

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